Mechanical Bull

  • Compete against friends and family to see who can ride the 🐂 the longest
  • 3 Automatic modes and unlimited possibilities with manual mode
  • Includes 2🔌extension cords, 1🌬️blower a controller, and 2 staff
  • ⛈️ Rain Policy: Cancel anytime up to the morning of delivery and be eligible for a full refund

$829.43 for the first 2 hours, $250/hr after. (Includes 2 staff)

  • Fits 2 tables and 16 chairs
  • Easy Installation
  • Customer Pick Up Available


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*Free Cancellations

Product Information:

Bull appearance may vary from pics

Think you could ride a bull like a real cowboy? Try out our new Mechanical Bull and see what you're made of. How long can you last before being thrown from the bull's back like a wet noodle? Choose from 3 automatic modes; Calf, Cow, or Raging Bull; or Manual mode and let our trained staff try to throw you. Your guests will love watching each other try to stay on the bucking, spinning mechanical bull. It's a great way to get your guests involved in your event whether they ride or watch.

  • 3 modes for riders of any age to enjoy: Greenhorn, Cowboy, Ambush
  • Engage all your guests with one attraction. Participants and riders alike
  • 1 Trained operator will be provided to ensure everyone's safety

The mechanical bull has a soft air-filled pad around it so getting bucked off will most likely not hurt any eligible riders. 1-2 attendants will be required (additional fee automatically applied on the quote). 

Safety Is Important To Us

Our bull is surrounded by an inflated air mattress to help minimize any injury from being thrown. However, riding bulls, real or mechanical, comes with other risks as well. The motions of the mechanical bull may cause riders to fall off in an uncontrollable manner. Participants must meet certain requirements which mean most riders must be high school age or older. Since safety is a top priority, our trained staff will not allow those with preexisting conditions or under the influence to participate. Our bull has a large air mattress surrounding it to help prevent injuries from the participant's fall. 

Additional Information:

  • ~37 riders per hour.
  • Riders Must be at least 4ft+
  • Riders cannot exceed 250lbs
  • Riders with pre-existing injuries are not encouraged to participate
  • No keys, mobile phones, glasses, or any sharp or breakable objects are permitted on the ride.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:



  • 10ft x 10ft Pop-Up Canopy Tent

    Price includes set up.

    *Delivery not included for orders under $195

  • Tent Set Up

  • Bull Rider Waiver

  • JJER Attendant

    Mechanical Rides Only (2 staff)

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