About This Item

  • Compete against friends, family or yourself to see who can  climb the highest
  • Includes 3climbing lanes, a crowd barrier, 6 harnesses, and required staff
  • 儭 Rain Policy: Cancel anytime up to the morning of delivery and be eligible for a full refund

$775 for up to 2 hours. $250/hour after. 


Electrical Requirements: 0 x 110v AC

Space Needed: 8Wx30Lx30H

Landing Type: N/A

Participants At A Time: 3

Participants Per Hour: 40

Product Information:

Mobile Rock-Climbing Walls are a statement piece at any event. Bring the beauty of Moab and Zion's National Parks to your event. Our climbing walls have a realistic granite-like texture, making the climbing experience more lifelike. Renting a rock wall from Jumping Jacks ensures your event goes from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! Includes:

- Trained Operators

- Crowd Barrier

- Harnesses

Our portable rock climbing wall is top-notch, trailer-mounted, and constructed of the finest industrial quality materials. It has multiple climb paths and has sturdy harnesses and a trained attendant to ensure safety. 

Supervised by our trained, uniformed, professional staff, each event includes one trained attendant for your peace of mind.  Want the lines to move faster, ask about a second attendant.

Our auto-belay system meets the ASTM F-24 safety requirements and our cables are changed annually. Our equipment is serviced professionally and is kept within the highest manufacturing standards.

Our mobile rock wall can accommodate a huge crowd with multiple climbing lanes. Climbing walls are foundational for fall festivals, school carnivals, and company parties. Renting a portable rock wall is great for team building, business openings, birthday parties, corporate events, and any event for you who want to add some WOW Factor!

Want something different, ask about adding night climbing on our rock walls at your next nighttime event.

Ashleigh Baker
Ashleigh Baker
The perfect addition to any party. We love having Jumping Jacks at our work parties and so great to work with!
Debra Moses
Debra Moses
Have used this company for a number of years for a kids' camp. Excellent service!
Bailey Irvine
Bailey Irvine
I always use Jumping Jacks for my kids birthday parties, the kids always have so much fun and Jumping Jacks makes it so easy! We will always come back to them
Kayla Hafer
Kayla Hafer
We have used Jumping Jacks for many events held at the Preschool I work for and they're incredible. They're always so helpful with set up/take down, they are readily available to answer any questions, and they have plenty of supplies for any event. I can't recommend them enough, and you can't beat the pricing!
Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes
Jumping Jacks Events is a great place to rent inflatables. When they arrive they put them where you want, they are friendly. They even showed up early to set it all up.
Felicia S.
Felicia S.
Jumping Jacks came in clutch for our son's birthday party! I realized I didn't have enough tables and chairs at short notice and they were wonderful to work with! Had great customer service- communication was AMAZING and so easy to work with! We will definitely us them for future events!
Stacey Pippin
Stacey Pippin
Our school has used Jumping Jacks the last few years for our end-of-year celebration. They have great products, flexible to work with, on time the day of event and always very friendly and professional. Definitely would recommend!
Paul Mathis
Paul Mathis
Rented two tables. Quick easy pick-up and return. I look forward to doing business with Jumping Jacks Events again.
Debbie Rickard
Debbie Rickard
We used Jumping Jacks Events for inflatable rentals for an organization. The price was reasonable, set-up and take down were timely and as conveyed. We would use them again!


Frequent Questions

Will this fit indoors?
To fit indoors, we'll need a garage style door that is at least 8ft wide and 8ft tall and a path that matches that all the way to the set up area. The setup area will need to match the dimensions in the specifications.

Do I need power?
No, the mobile rock wall has its own power supply to raise and lower the wall. Once it's raised up, no power is needed.

How do they get down?
Before climbing, climbers will put on a harness with the help of our professionally trained staff. The harness is then connected to an auto belay system that will let the climber down gently. 

Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit for someone to climb the wall, however, there are weight restrictions due to the auto-belay system. A climber must be over 50lbs and less than 250 lbs. If they are too light, they belay will not a bring them down. If they are too heavy, the belay will let them down too fast.

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  • JJER Attendant

    Mechanical Rides Only (2 staff)