Everything you need for a
memorable company picnic

Showing employees your appreciation can go a long way with company moral. One way to show appreciation is through a fun filled company picnic with lots of entertainment and food. We’ve got you covered. While new to this market, we’ve learned how  to help make your next event memorable. From planning to execution, we can help make your next company event one your guests will talk about. Everyone there will be able to enjoy the day! No one will have to worry about the day of event management. Your next big event is only one form away!

Plan your next company picnic or corporate event with Jumping Jacks. Use our years of fun experience do the work for you. Whether you’re looking to plan a picnic for 10 employees or 1,000 employees or customers, we’ve got the staff, equipment and professionalism you’ll need to give your guest a fun filled afternoon.  Leave the heavy lifting to us and let us handle every aspect of your special company picnic day from the entertainment to the food, seating, and tents, we’ve got your needs covered.

Not only do we have the attractions your event may need, we can also provide tents, tables, chairs, full catering and more. We take care of it all. We can add entertainers to your event like jugglers, stilt walkers, magicians, balloon twisters, face painters, and many more.

Why should I have a company picnic?

Boosting employee morale is very important to the success of any company.  What easier way is there to getting everyone together to celebrate success? Allowing employees to bring their families to events has been shown to boost morale and create lasting memories.

How much does a company picnic cost?

We produce company picnics of all sizes and budgets. A company picnic can cost as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as several  thousand dollars. It all depends on what you want to do. The typical company picnic costs approximately $3,500 for about 100 people and includes catering, a couple of activities and a tent, tables and chairs. Prices may vary depending on location, food choices and activities planned.

Where can we have the picnic?

There are many great company picnic venues in Missouri. We always suggest using a venue that allows you the greatest amount of flexibility in bringing your own food vendors and allowing you to do what you want. Finding a venue with ample PARKING and RESTROOMS is also key. Companies hold picnics in parks, ballparks, sports arenas, and community centers. The most popular place to hold a picnic is at the company facilities. If you plan to book a venue for your company picnic, it is never too early to book! Venues tend to book up to a year in advance! The company facilities are the easiest picnic venue to book. It is simple and everyone knows where to go!

Can you help plan our picnic?

Jumping Jacks can be involved as much as you want us to be. We can do everything from planning to day-of set up. If you would like to handle some aspects of the planning, simply let us know. We want to be your partner and happy to help wherever we can. 

What should I do for our company picnic?

Are your coworkers or employees mostly an older crowd? Or are younger with lots of young families? These two events will look drastically different and need to be planned totally different. We can help guide you through these decisions. 

Where is the best place for my company picnic?

Venues tend to book up quickly and far in advance. This is by far one of the hardest parts of planning a company picnic. We have found the best place to have a picnic is at your place of business itself. You can schedule it for any date you’d like, rescheduling can be easy and employees know where it is and their way around. 

What kind of food should I have at my company picnic?

The type of food you have at your picnic is not as important as how it is served. It may be tempting to have four different types of food trucks at your event to serve 4,000 people, but what happens when the taco truck runs out of tacos? You need to make sure that the food service at your event is SIMPLE, FAST, and SUFFICIENT. Jumping Jacks caterers takes great pride in their food service. We guarantee great food and fast moving lines.

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