7 Games Kids Can Play Inside A Bounce House

Bounce houses, also known as inflatable castles or bouncy castles, have become a popular attraction at children’s parties, fairs, and events. These inflatable structures are designed to provide a safe and fun space for kids to jump, bounce, and play. While traditional bounce houses often come with built-in games and activities, there are plenty of other games that kids can play inside a commercial bounce house to keep them entertained.

  1. Red light, green light. This classic playground game can be easily adapted for play in a bounce house. One child is designated as the “traffic light” and stands at one end of the bounce house. The other children line up at the opposite end. When the traffic light says “green light,” the children can bounce towards the traffic light. When the traffic light says “red light,” the children must stop bouncing and freeze in place. If a child is caught moving on a red light, they must return to the starting line. The first child to reach the traffic light becomes the new traffic light.
  2. Bounce house basketball. Set up a small basketball hoop at one end of the bounce house and let the kids try to make baskets. For younger children, you can use a smaller ball and lower the hoop to make it easier to score.
  3. Simon says. This classic memory game is a great way to keep kids active and engaged in the bounce house. One child is designated as “Simon” and gives commands to the other children, such as “Simon says bounce on one foot” or “Simon says touch your toes.” The children must only follow the commands if they begin with “Simon says.” Any child who makes a mistake is out, and the last child remaining is the winner.
  4. Freeze dance. Play some upbeat music and let the kids bounce and dance freely in the bounce house. When the music stops, the kids must freeze in place. Any child caught moving when the music stops is out. The last child remaining is the winner.
  5. Red rover. This classic playground game is a great way to get kids moving and interacting in the bounce house. Two teams line up opposite each other, with each team holding hands to form a chain. One team calls out the name of a child on the other team, saying “Red rover, red rover, send (child’s name) on over.” The child whose name was called must then try to break through the chain by running and bouncing through it. If they are successful, they can choose one person from the opposing team to join their own. If they are not successful, they must join the opposing team. The game continues until one team has all of the players.
  6. Mother, may I? This classic children’s game is a great way to encourage kids to follow directions and listen to each other in the bounce house. One child is designated as the “mother” and stands at one end of the bounce house. The other children line up at the opposite end. The children must ask the mother’s permission to perform a specific action, such as “Mother, may I bounce on one foot?” The mother can either grant permission with a “Yes, you may” or deny it with a “No, you may not.” If the child successfully completes the action, they can take a step closer to the mother. If they make a mistake, they must return to the starting line. The first child to reach the mother becomes the new mother.
  7. Follow the leader. One child is designated as the leader and the other children must follow their movements and actions in the bounce house. The leader can lead the group in different activities such as bouncing, crawling, or pretending to be animals. The leader can also change throughout the game, with the other children taking turns leading the group. This is a great way to encourage teamwork and creativity in the bounce house.
  8. Hot potato. This simple yet energetic game is perfect for play in a bounce house. All of the children gather in a circle and pass a ball or small object around as fast as they can. When the music stops, the child holding the ball is out. The game continues until there is only one child remaining, who is declared the winner.
  9. Treasure hunt. Hide small objects or treats around the bounce house and let the kids search for them. You can make it more challenging by providing clues or riddles for the children to solve in order to find the treasure.
  10. Bounce house obstacle course. Set up a series of challenges and obstacles for the kids to navigate through in the bounce house. This could include crawling through tunnels, bouncing over obstacles, and navigating through a series of cones or other markers. The first child to complete the course is the winner.

In conclusion, there are many different games that kids can play inside a commercial bounce house to keep them active, entertained, and engaged. These games can help promote teamwork, listening skills, and physical activity, making them a great addition to any children’s party or event. So, these are the games that kids can play inside a commercial bounce house to have unlimited fun.

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