About This Item

  • Fun 😀 way to give away prizes 
  • Available for pick up
  • Includes installation, removal,🔌extension cord and 🌬️blower
  • ⛈️Rain Policy: Cancel any time by the morning of 🚚 delivery and be eligible for a full refund
  • Specifications

    Electrical Requirements: 2 x 110v AC

    Space Needed: 10Lx8Wx10H

    Landing Type: N/A

    Participants At A Time: 1

    Participants Per Hour: 100

    Product Information:

    The cash cube is a great way to give out prizes at any event. Project graduations can use them to give out money or even prize slips. The fan is controlled by a wireless remote to give you full control while enjoying the game.

    *Please note, set up area must be with in 75ft of 2 - 15amp circuit and on a mostly flat surface. An extension cords is provided, we can not plug into multiple cords for safety reasons. If set up is further away, a generator can be used.


    Frequent Questions

    What's the best way to use this without giving away too much cash?

    The best method is to buy a bunch of fake bills and mix it in with the real bills. Start the night with more fake than real and as the night goes on change the ratio to be in favor of the real cash.

    How do I ensure the cash flies around the most?

    To get cash to fly around a lot is to crease every bill in at least one place. This will allow air to get under it and lift it up.

    Can I give away things other than cash?

    Certainly! Cash is the most common gift but any other lightweight paper is suitable like gift certificates or raffle tickets. Again, you may need to crease the paper to allow air to get under it.

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