About This Item

  • Fun😀, safe way for kids and adults to compete 🏀 with each other 🥇🥈🥉
  • Up to 2️⃣ participants at any one time
  • Includes installation, removal,🔌extension cord and 🌬️blower
  • ⛈️Rain Policy: Cancel any time by the morning of delivery and be eligible for a full refund
  • Specifications

    Electrical Requirements: 1 x 110v AC

    Space Needed: 15Lx18Wx18H

    Landing Type: N/A

    Participants At A Time: 2

    Participants Per Hour: 50

    Product Information:

    Basketball can be a challenge for anyone. Let your guests go a step further with the challenge and try our Basketball Challenge. Each contestant starts with 3 balls. When the referee blows the whistle, each person tries to make all of their balls in the hoop before their opponent. The catch? When your opponent makes a shot, the ball rolls over to your side giving you 1 more ball to make. The first to empty their side of balls wins (or least amount of balls left after a 3-minute shot clock).

    Ages 10+

    *Please note, set up area must be within 75ft of a 15amp circuit and on a mostly flat surface. An extension cord is provided, we can not plug into multiple cords for safety reasons. If set up is further away, a generator can be used.


    Frequent Questions

    What age group is this for?

    Because the hoops are so high (about 9ft) and far from the ball return, we recommend this for 12year olds or older. It's mostly enjoyed by high school and college aged participants. However, if the child is younger and athletic, they may be able to play as well.

    Can I pick this up myself?

    Yes! The basketball challenge is available for customer pick up. 

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