About This Item

  • Give kids a weekend of fun 🥳 with our residential weekend rental
  • Hook up a 💦 hose for even more summer fun FREE!
  • 6.5ft 🛝 slide platform
  • Up to 6️⃣ kids can bounce at any one time
  • Includes: installation, removal, 🔌extension cord and blower🌬️
  • ⛈️ Rain Policy: Cancel by the morning of delivery and be eligible for a full refund
  • Throughput: 120 per hour


Electrical Requirements: 1 x 110v AC

Space Needed: 22Lx28Wx18H

Landing Type: Enclosed Inflated Landing

Participants At A Time: 6-8 (depending on their age)

Participants Per Hour: 180

Product Information:

Launch into a world of dazzling fun with our new Rocket KidZone™! This adorable addition to our lineup can be used both with or without water. It features dazzling sparkle fabric, including Cosmic Black vinyl, which shows off a rainbow of colors in the sunlight. The Rocket KidZone has spacious bouncing areas with an Entanglement™ game mat sewn on, along with climbing and sliding lanes. For added safety, this unit features an X-TRA Grip™ climb cover that reduces slips and helps to keep kids safe.


Frequent Questions

What age group is this item ideal for?
The Rocket Kidzone bounce house with mini-slide is perfect for kids ages 3 years to 7 years. However, kids up to 13 may enjoy this fun spacious inflatable.

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel any time up to the morning of delivery. We will usually wait till the very last minute before we cancel and only in unsafe weather conditions. We will not cancel for rain.

What do I need to provide for this rental?
All we need from you is an outlet within 75ft of where we will be setting up and a water hose if you'd like to use it wet. If you do not have a water hose, please make sure we know and we can bring one out for you.

Can we add water to this rental?
Yes! This unit is meant to be used with water. If you do not have your own hose, please select the hose accessory so we know to bring one when we set it up.

What if my yard has a slope?
Some slope is ok. A matter of fact, we prefer a slight slope to help water drain. A good rule of thumb is a 1ft drop over 4ft of length is the max amount of slope. Anything more than may need further investigation by our crew.

Does this inflatable come with a twister board?
The floor does have colorful dots, but Jumping Jacks does not provide the twister spinner to play the game. Try having all the kids line up on a wall of their choice and then calling out a hand or foot and a color to play the game. 

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  • Water Hose

    What good is a water slide without water? Hoses are a common house hold items but not everyone has one. If you'd like for us to bring one for your slide please add this item to your cart. 

    Of course you're always welcome to provide your own. Please make sure it will reach the area you'd like to have the slide plus about 5ft.