About This Item

  • Give kids a weekend of fun 🥳 with our residential weekend rental
  • Hook up a 💦 hose for even more summer fun FREE!
  • 6.5ft 🛝 slide platform
  • Includes: installation, removal, 🔌extension cord and blower🌬️
  • ⛈️ Rain Policy: Cancel by the morning of delivery and be eligible for a full refund


Electrical Requirements: 1 x 110v AC

Space Needed: 24Lx20Wx16H

Landing Type: Enclosed Inflated Landing

Participants At A Time: 6

Participants Per Hour: 120

Product Information:


Frequent Questions

Does the Princess Castle somehow cycle water?
Unfortunately, no. The Princess Castle Bounce House will need continuous water for the water slide, however, not much. Simply turn the water on a couple turns to fill the hose up. Once it starts coming out of the sprinkler system, back the spigot off all but maybe 1/4 turn on.

My yard has a slope. Can you still set up?
How bad is the slope will be our question. We have found a slope of about 1ft drop for every 4-5ft run is the most allowed for safe use of most of our equipment. Any more than that will significantly increase the likelihood of kids bouncing to one side and cause a collapse.

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  • Water Hose

    What good is a water slide without water? Hoses are a common house hold items but not everyone has one. If you'd like for us to bring one for your slide please add this item to your cart. 

    Of course you're always welcome to provide your own. Please make sure it will reach the area you'd like to have the slide plus about 5ft.